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The Hot Topic for the period is...

Major Epidemic in Business today...Excuse-itis

Why is it so...

 It's interesting as we sift through the various issues with business owners that it all appears to come back to one thing. Business Owners coming up with excuses as to why they do not do the things that they need to do to achieve great results. We hear them all the time; roadworks, government, weather, competition, staff and the list goes on and on. Stop it right there.
Why do we do this...Delusion, denial, blame or excuse, it's just so easy to do and it dosen't hurt anyone...except you 

What do we suggest...

I  challenge you to take a 21 day prescription of Accountability, Ownership and Responsibility and be 100% true in your communications. Tell 5 people that you communicate with on a regular basis that you are taking a 21 day challenge and ask them to challenge your committments. I also want you to think very carefully before you commit to do something and listen to the words that come out of your mouth and yes it will be uncomfortable, because you haven't been doing it...
Try it and see the massive difference it makes. 
Ask yourself this... What is happening in my business in relation to this hot topic and how can I make sure that I am prepared to overcome it and learn from it?

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